How to perform catheterization with


Here are the step -by -step instructions to adequately proceed to the emptying of your bladder using a probe. Our video clearly explains to you how to make catheterization for men in a wheelchair.

Here is a summary of the different stages

  • First start by washing your hands with water and soap.
  • Check that you have everything you need before you start catheterization.
    1- Adapted Charrière probe
    2- Neutral pH soap
    3- possibly compresses
    4- Pants support
  • Remove the label on the sticker tablet of the packaging and stick it on a clean and smooth surface so as to hang the packaging vertically and make it accessible when you are ready to probe yourself.
  • Open the upper part of the packaging by pulling the ring towards you and down by revealing only the connector.
  • Connect the urinary bag to the probe and place it in a secure location.
  • Undict yourself in order to access your penis.
    *To avoid wetting your clothes, you can put protection under your penis.
  • You must carefully clean your glans by decaliting your penis.
    *Be careful to keep the foreskin decalotted and avoid contact with your skin or clothes.
  • Remove the probe from its packaging, ensuring that it does not touch anything before insertion in the urethra.
  • Return your penis by pulling it slightly upwards.
  • Lightly compress the glans to open the urethral meatus.
  • Stay relaxed and gently insert the probe into your urethra following the instructions given to you.
  • Insert the probe into the bladder and urine will start to flow. Press the probe a few centimeters more.
  • When the urine no longer flows, straighten up to make sure that the bladder is completely empty.
  • Remove the probe slowly.
    *If you use a probe with a straight end, it is recommended to rotate it slowly during withdrawal and stop each time the urine flows to ensure complete emptying of the bladder.
  • You can throw the probe and its packaging in the trash.
    *Do not throw to the toilet.
  • Wash your hands and you've finished catheterization.

The survey must be carried out only on medical advice and strictly according to the indications of the attending physician or the nurse (era). You must carefully read the product instructions instructions before use.

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