The steps to follow for intermittent catheterization in man in a wheelchair


Here is the procedure allowing you to empty your bladder adequately using a probe in men in wheelchairs. Our video guides you step by step to perform this action in the best way.

Here is a summary of the different stages

  • Wash your hands with soap and soap.
  • Make sure you have all that you will need before starting.
    1- Probe
    2- Intimate wipes or neutral and water soap
  • Lower your pants and underwear.
    *You can place a compress under your penis to avoid getting wet
  • You must carefully clean your glans by decaliting your penis.
  • Open the probe and hold the white connector and take out the probe. Leave the probe in the tube.
  • If necessary, put the tube in a place that will allow you to connect a urine collector bag easily.
  • Connect the bag to the probe connector.
    *Make sure you don't touch the probe
  • Close the bag drain valve and place it at your foot.
    *Make sure that the probe touches anything before inserting it into the Uterity.
  • Open the packaging gently by revealing only the connector
  • Undict yourself to access your penis easily. You can prove yourself standing in front of the toilet or sitting on your preferences and capacities.
  • Raise your penis upwards.
  • Put a slight pressure on your glans to open the urethra.
  • Gently insert the probe into your urethra.
  • Continue to insert the probe even in the bladder and the urine will start to flow.
  • When the urine no longer flows, move and straighten to make sure that the bladder is completely empty.
  • Slowly remove the probe in order to be sure that there is no urine left in the bladder.
  • Remove the probe completely.
  • Disconnect the urinary bag of the probe.
  • Empty the bag before throwing it away.
  • You can put the probe in its tube or throw it directly.
  • Close the tube using the plug.
  • Throw the tube and the probe in the trash.
    * Do not throw to the toilet
  • Wash your hands and you've finished catheterization.

The survey must be carried out only on medical advice and strictly according to the indications of the attending physician or the nurse (era). You must carefully read the product instructions instructions before use.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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