The steps to follow for intermittent catheterization in the girl

 The video is supplied by Coloplast and presents the Speedicath Compact product

Here's how to empty your bladder with a probe for girls. Our explanatory video explains to you by step how to proceed in a simple, efficient, secure and hygienic way.

Here is a summary of the different stages

  • Wash your hands with water and soap
  • Check the material you will need
    1- Probe
    2- Soft soap
    3- possibly compresses
    4- Mirror to locate the urethra orifice
  • Take off your pants to access your urethra
  • Then sit on the toilet
  • The probe is protected by a tube that you will have to withdraw before use
    1- hold the probe vertically, the shortest part downwards
    2 - Turn the two parts in opposite direction to tear the plastic film
    3 - Always by maintaining the vertical probe, separates the two parts by slowly pulling on each of them until feeling a small resistance
    4- Lightly fold the grip handle in front and back to release the probe
    5- then empty the liquid in the lower tube
  • Lays the probe vertically on a flat surface by keeping it on the grip handle

*Be careful not to touch your skin or your clothes with the lubricated part that you will insert into the urethra

  • You have to gently clean the lip contour to avoid the introduction of bacteria into the urethra and the bladder during the insertion of the probe
  • If necessary attach a mirror to your thigh
  • Gently spreads the small lips and cleans the urethra orifice using compresses

*Again here, pay attention to what the probe touches anything before insertion. If it touches the sink, your skin, your clothes or other objects, you have to take a new one and start again

  • Relax to facilitate the insertion of the probe
  • Always holding the lips apart, inserts the probe into the urethra following the instructions that have been given to you
  • Inserts the probe into the urethra until the urine begins to flow

*If you miss the urethra, use a new probe

  • When the urine stops flowing, straightens up slightly to make sure that nothing remains in the bladder.
  • Gently remove the probe by pivoting it slightly
  • When nothing flows, it is because the bladder is empty
  • When you finish, you can throw the probe and its packaging in the trash

* Do not throw the probe in the toilet

  • Wash your hands again

The survey must be carried out only on medical advice and strictly according to the indications of the attending physician or the nurse (era). You must carefully read the product instructions instructions before use.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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