How to use the Infyna Chic catheter for women in wheelchair


We present the probe for intermittent infyny chic survey designed for great discretion.

Here is how to carry out intermittent urinary tract self-catheterization for women in wheelchairs with this ready-to-use product as soon as it gets out of its packaging.

Make sure to have moistened alcohol-free moisty wipes or non-spout soap and a water point and your probe is at hand.

  • Wash your hands deep.
  • Sit in the position that seems to you the most comfortable for using the probe.
  • Lower your clothes and underwear.
  • Spread the lips with two fingers of your non-dominant hand.
  • Clean the urethral meatus and the genital area with your dominant hand using a damp wipes according to the advice of your health professional.
  • Take the case of your catheter and check the seal. If the seal is damaged, do not use the probe.
  • Open the case by lifting the cap using your dominant hand.
  • Hold the case with your non-dominant hand and remove the panel probe from the other hand.

Be careful to touch only the bucket by removing the probe

  • Discard the lips with two fingers.
  • Gently insert the probe into the urethral meatus with your dominant hand until the urine begins to flow.

You can hold the cup of the probe and direct it to the toilet or harvest the urine in a separate container.

  • Let your bladder empty by maintaining the probe in place.
  • When the flow of urine stops slowly remove the probe. If the urine starts to flow again, take a break of a few seconds until the flow stops.
  • When you are sure that your bladder is completely emptied, completely remove the probe.
  • To throw the probe, replace it in the case then close the cap.

Note that when the Infyna Chic probe cap is closed, no liquid can flow from it.

  • You can throw everything in the trash or wait for practical reasons.

Do not throw the probe in the toilet

  • Wash your hands, your survey is finished.

Please consult a healthcare professional before using a urinary self-cathetering product. Please follow the instructions for use and recommendations for your specialist.

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